Beaver Eye Care offers a complete range of eye care including comprehensive eye exams, contact lens service and sales, pediatric eye care, eye disease diagnosis and treatment, sports vision, diabetic eye testing, and on call emergency assistance.


Comprehensive eye exams

Beaver Eye Care provides comprehensive eye exams to people of all ages. We review patient history, measure visual acuity and refraction to determine the appropriate correction lens to improve vision, and provide an overall eye health evaluation.


Contact lens service and sales

We provide contact lens service and sales. An optometrist will examine your eyes in order to provide the best fit for your specific eye health and comfort. We provide information on different types of contact lenses and order the lenses accordingly.


Pediatric eye care

Children’s eyes develop rapidly during their younger years. We recommend that children receive an eye exam before starting school to ensure against vision problems that would affect learning. We provide eye care for children to evaluate common vision disorders and assess eyes to prescribe eyeglasses.


Eye disease diagnosis and treatment

We provide diagnosis and treatment for various eye diseases. We will do our best to determine problems with your eye health and then discuss a treatment plan or wellness program that will provide a solution.


On call emergency services

For your convenience, our staff is available after normal business hours for eye care emergencies and assistance.


Sports vision

Protecting your eyes should always be a priority. Sports can be dangerous and unpredictable, so protecting your eyes while participating in sports is crucial. We provide protective eyewear to ensure the ultimate safety during various sports.


Diabetic eye testing

Diabetes can seriously harm your eyes by damaging the small blood vessels in the retina. Diabetes can also increase the risk of glaucoma and other eye problems. People with diabetes should receive regular eye checkups to catch problems early and before the eyes receive permanent damage.